Flu Season 2021 - Getting Prepared

The New Zealand influenza vaccination programme for 2021 starts on 14th April 2021


  • For the first week (from 14th April) we will only be  immunising adults aged 65 and over with FLUAD QUAD.
  • PHARMAC is funding ( free ) this additional vaccine brand, a vaccine specifically made for those aged 65 and over, to ensure this important group has certainty of supply as early as possible, and to ensure there is enough influenza vaccine to meet demand and supply is continuous.
  • Link to the FLUAD QUAD data sheet on the MedSafe website.
  • For the second prioritisation period, now delayed until mid May 2021, we will expand to include pregnancy and eligible people with chronic conditons .  These people will be immunised with AFLURIA QUAD.
  • Funded ( free ) in pharmacy for children ( 13 years up) and adults who met the influenza vaccination eligibility criteria.
  • Available for those who do not meet the funded eligibility criteria at a cost.
  • Link to the AFLURIA QUAD data sheet on the Medsafe website.
  • Vaccination will then be extended to include the general population after mid May 2021.  These people will receive AFLURIA QUAD.
  • The flu jab programme runs to 31 December 2021.

Please call us on 09 5346811 if you would like to secure your place with a booking.  We do offer a walk in service, depending on availablity.



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