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Your body knows what it needs, now you can too.

Your DNA is the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around it. Eliminate the guesswork and discover what your body needs to thrive.


Meet Ingeneous founder, Dr. Libby Lindsay (BDS, MSc, BS)

Ingeneous was inspired by Dr. Lindsay's personal search for a solution to afflictions she was suffering, including migraines, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. She recognised that one-size-fits most health recommendations weren't working for her body and overcame her challenges when she discovered the power of nutrigenomics.


Find out what makes you, you

Diet and nutrition are personal affairs, yet most health advice is aimed at the average person. You are not average. What works for your neighbour, spouse, or best friend might not be the best approach for your body. Ingeneous helps you make informed choices, with advice personalised to your unique genetic makeup.


With you for life

Ingeneous is not a fad diet or a fast fix. Our testing, gene reports and recommendations are designed to deliver practical, achievable, and effective recommendations you can act on right now, and for the years to come.


Your health, in expert hands

Each and every recommendation that Ingeneous delivers is grounded in rigorous scientific research. Every gene we test has been qualified by peer-reviewed research to offer the most effective outcomes for your overall wellbeing.


Science-backed recommendations

Ingeneous takes cutting-edge scientific data from the fields of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics and simplifies them into simple recommendations that are easy to understand and implement. We love our science but won't drown you in jargon.


Test once, learn forever

Genetic science is a fast-developing space. As new genetic insights are revealed and validated by the international scientific community, we can apply them to your personal DNA profile, learn more about you as an individual, and refine your wellness recommendations. All from your initial test with Ingeneous.


Available Gene Reports


What’s in your Essential Start report?

Every wellness journey should begin with the foundational systems in your body. Your personalised report will guide you through the relationship between nutrients, diet, and gene expression (nutrigenomics) including:

  • Pro and Anti Inflammation
  • Detoxification System
  • Vitamin D pathway


Along with your results, we'll provide a simple action plan, including an inflammatory reset: the first step in the Ingeneous roadmap to wellness.



What’s in your LifeStyle Plus report?

Say hello to your personalised nutrigenetic maintenance plan. Discover exactly what your body likes and doesn't like, including specific recommendations for:

  • Caffeine & Alcohol
  • Carbohydrate Guidance (AMY1 gene)
  • Dietary Fat Intake
  • Style of Eating
  • Exercise - Aerobic & Resistance, Intensity, Recovery


Essential Start guides you to an optimised and coordinated inflammation balance. LifeStyle Plus is the instruction manual to keep you there.

Why inflammation? We believe inflammation management is absolutely fundamental to promoting vitality and wellness. At Ingeneous we believe you cannot effectively make wellness improvements without improving inflammation coordination.





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